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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vacation- Hong Kong- Part 1 (VERY picture heavy)

Hey everyone, i had a really good time in Hong Kong/Taiwan, i miss it there already. Just want to share with you some pictures from my vacation. I took way too many as always, so i will separate them in different posts =)

lining up to go to the peak
The view from the peak

Love haagen daz!
First day of shopping at the sasa store!

McDonald's breakfast
Second day of shopping

Reunion with high school friends<3

Near where we lived

Spotted Steven Ma and Linda Chung filming when we were shopping!!!!

Karaoke day!

Met up with my dear Fion

Avenue of Stars
Bruce Lee
My favorite train sushi place! We had 15 dishes just the two of us hahaha
After just one week of shopping.

candy obsession

Next post- Ocean Park!


  1. That McDonald's breakfast looked delicious! We need that here. ;P

    Wow. The scenery in all the pics look beautiful! I bet you had a wonderful time. Look forward to seeing more of your picture post.

    **Dang, got enough candy there? hahaha.....

  2. Sandy, just another trip I'm uber jealous of! The sights look amazing and the food looks good. I bet you enjoyed your trip and Dang all the goodies you brought back! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics :)

  3. wow!! lovely pics!! u bought alotta cute stuff!! makes me wanna travell

  4. I want to go back to HK for shopping now!!!!

  5. Zomg... I would shop like crazy if I were you too! Beautiful pictures Sandy. Oh and that actor and actress!! Haha omg I recognize them. My family watches viet-dubbed HK dramas haha.

  6. I love McDs in Hong Kong and Taiwan. They have very interesting items on their menu. I love the red bean sundae. Yum!