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Monday, November 21, 2011

Proud Moments

The sweetheart has recently (finally) graduated and received his Master's Degree. So proud of him because i know he's worked so hard. Sacrificing loads of "having a life" times with his non stop thesis, proposals and conferences what not's. You know, things that i wouldn't understand because i'm not an engineer.
I have to admit, we aren't a normal couple. We defiantly don't spend enough time together as normal couples would. We only see each other once or twice a week (three max), seeing as we're both busy with work. We never have time to go on mini road trips or vacations because we simply don't have the time for it. Sure i always envy other couples and i always compare (i know i shouldn't),but you know, I've stuck through with it for this long, i'm hoping things will be better now that he's done.

This is defiantly a great milestone in his life and i'm really happy for him. I wish i did something great with my life LOL!

Look at all those PhD's and Master's!

trying on the gown

To those who also graduated this year...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


  1. Congrats - a masters in engineering is really commendable.

  2. Oh man! Soooomebody looks dapper in a suit. But really, congrats to him and the both of you! It can be hard to peruse individual successes in a relationship, but it's the right thing to do.

  3. awww that is so sweet!! congrats to your honey for getting a masters in engineering!! yikes that is certainly nothing to sneeze at!! i always say behind every great man is an even greating woman hahah! congrats hon!

  4. aw~~congrats to ur sweetheart~~~getting a master's isnt the easiest thing in the world~~~well now that he finished school maybe you guys can spend a bit more time together~~~go on mini trips~~~hehe


  5. Wow! A masters! Congrats to him. That is a great where I am far way from.. :/ You two look so cute together.

  6. I'm reading your past posts I've missed XD Aw what a milestone for your bf! That's AMAZING. I wish I was super smart. I actually think seeing each other 3x a week is more than enough in my opinion. My previous relationship there was a period when I would see my ex everyday but then there were other times when I saw him 2-3x and then there was another period when I would only see him once per week or 2 weeks LOL. I think it's great when you can make it work even without seeing each other daily. It means that you guys respect each other's space and you prioritize what's important so that you succeed in life =)

    Oh and I wish I could visit the Lisa Cosmetics sale... but I have an essay I have to do and exams I have to study for =S

  7. Your bf is so brainy! Im sure he'll do great things in the future! I often only see my bf a few times a week too due to our colliding schedule, sometimes I only see him once every ten days lol and this is a regular occurrance -.- so I know how you feel! I hope you two have more time to spend with each other now, especially with Christmas coming up! =D He has no excuse now since he's graduated! (though job hunting might come up soon lol) Congrats to your bf!