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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Review- Circle Lens- Candy Brown

Hey guys,

Sorry i haven't done this review yet, it was in my draft a while ago, but i sort of forgot about it and got lazy to put contents and you know...things just piled up...

These contacts are purchased from Pinkyparadise (wish they would sponsor me LOL). I always wanted to try a brown colored lens that will make me have dolly-like eyes, and these seem to do the trick.
These ones are called Candy Brown by E.O.S.

Click here for the direct link.

in front of sunlight

in the car
These would be my favorite brown circle lens I've tried, though i wouldn't call them natural, but i think they really make my eyes pop. I love how opaque it is.
They are very comfortable, they didn't really make my eyes dry, as in, i didn't have to apply any eye drops throughout the say. I've worn these for about 6-7 hours.

Comfort: 8/10
Color/Vibrancy: 8/10
Enlargements: 9/10
Size: 14.5mm


  1. Hey Sandy, These definitely make your eyes pop. They're more honey than brown I think.

  2. i agree they def def make your eyes pop!! WOW your eyes look SOOOO BIG!! they're pretty on you honey!!

  3. awww.. that looks great on your eyes! :) I'll be getting a lens like that too.. and I can't wait till I try them on and see how it looks in my eyes.. I hope it would look great on me like it did on you.. hihi.. ♥

    Have a nice day! ♥

  4. Very dolly looking and adorable! *^_^*

  5. How pretty! Your eye color is so enhanced with these and look very doll-like.

  6. I love how these lens make yo0ur eyes look so translucent and dreamy. The edges look a little harsh black though but the overall feel is good!

  7. Wow these look really good on you!

  8. I love how you can pull it off! My eyes are shaped in a way that I can only pull off some lens and not others haha.

  9. These contacts look great on you!!! They certainly do make your eyes pop!