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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Friday Haul

Canada doesn't have Black Friday unfortunately, but some stores were having some deals. They weren't as exciting as the deals in the States, so i didn't end up getting anything that was on sale.

Victoria's Secret was doing a promotion. Spend $75 or more and get a free tote. I thought the tote looked so pretty, and i really wanted some things in there so i just chose that time to buy it. Unfortunately i cannot show you what i bought because some are gifts.

Came with a plush doggie. Super love!

That's the tote that they gave me, it's big and so sturdy! I would actually use it on a normal day if only it has a zipper. for now, it's a perfect shopping bag.
I didn't realize that inside the tote was a bag of goodies!!! Lovely surprise!
sample of VS's Angel perfume, sheer love body lotion, VS's bombshell body spray, and a lip gloss.
I love these goodies, they were full sized too which made me even happier.

This past weekend, i finally went to the Lisa's Cosmetic sale which i go every year. I didn't spend a lot this year though. The best part was finding Cargo makeup palette's for $10!

Electrical tooth brushes, refillable's, AAA batteries, Cargo palette, Escada perfume, shaving gel, hand lotion, and CHOCOLATE for 4 for $1!!!

cargo palette up close

Last purchase is Cargo's Blu Ray HD press powder. I didn't plan on getting it but i had misplaced my Estee Lauder Pressed powder, so i had to hurry and run out for a replacement.
I'm glad i did actually because i love the Cargo pressed powder so much! It's so smooth and doesn't look cakey no matter how much you pack on. AND it matches my shade perfectly! I am shade #20.

The only downside is that it doesn't come with a powder puff or a sponge. I do not like to carry brushes with me, and i like it when it has a little space where i can keep a puff inside (i know not sanitary).
Other than that, i LOVE it!


  1. I got the same VS bag! But here we only had to spend $65. My little package didn't come with a lipgloss though, instead it was a face primer. I never tried the bombshell scent and I'm glad I got this. It's all I've been wearing since black Friday!

  2. Wow, the tote looks amazing!!
    The Cargo palette must be a steal!! Only $10, I'm jealous... =p

  3. Is the sale still going on? I really want that tote bag. :D

  4. Omg Sandy we were at Eaton's the same time?! AW that would've been SO cool if I bumped into you haha!

    I'm sure I'll figure out a balance so that I can still talk about the things I want to talk about without feeling like I'm stuck in the past =) At least I know someone out there is interested hehe.

    And what an amazing deal at VS! The most amazing sale I've ever seen at VS is 75% off beauty products. There were body lotions and stuff for only $2 or something.

    I've only gone to the Lisa Warehouse once before (with my former bf) and I love the selection of perfume they have there! Wish I could've gone this year to see what they had in store.

  5. I find it pretty witty that they called it blue ray. You should do a few looks!

  6. awesome haul!!! VS had some great deals. i love those dogs they always give out XD

  7. i only have a few cargo products but i luv them very much~~~the VS bag is adorable~~~ive seen the deal at eaton and yorkdale, but im soo unmotivated to buy bras and panties cuz i have way too much of btw i think you'll like the Laneige UV total base, you can get those from any Amore store/stand in Toronto...if you live uptown i know there is one at Pmall, i got mine at the Korean Town(DT) Location.

  8. Nice haul! You got some good deals!! The Cargo palette is a steal!! Enjoy your stuff!

  9. Also wanted to let you know that I passed on the Kreativ Blogger Award to you~.

  10. ohh so lucky!! i love getting something and then finding that there's something more inside.. that is SO exciting.. it's funny how free things make us so excited hahaha

    ohhhh that cargo eyeshadow palette is SOO neat!!

    your candy bars look so good!

    i love electrical toothbrushes too.. they make my teeth feel so clean hahahahha

  11. omgosh i'm jealous =p i want it as well :D

    btw. i tagged you:

  12. Omg nice haul! I wish they opened a VS in vancouver too! Oh and I totally know what you mean about the sales in the states kicking ass!

    Next time lets go to Hong Kong together!! I'll sneak you into my luggage and I'll be sure to mark it with live animal so they put you in the special area where you can breathe in the plane LOL (but really I always wonder where those doggies go!) I know how you feel about no vacation!!! Spring seems so far away (though some of my friends would argue that it's not too far away for a vacation haha) I guess were just spoiled =P Where are you planning on going next? =D