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Friday, December 2, 2011

Sometimes Life gives you little reminders that you don't deserve a lot of things and that things will always be as unfair as you make it out to be.
When you see other people's seemingly perfect lives, it's just a reminder to yourself of how much you screwed up yours to make it as it is today.


  1. Sometimes it does seem that way, I know. But then I realized when you look closer their lives aren't exactly perfect and they have flaws/problems just as well. I think they just know how to disguise it better.

  2. what happened?!! :(

    m ! ss Y

  3. yeah i know what you mean. i used to feel that way a lot too but then i started to think more positively (appreciating the things i do have rather than what's imperfect) and realized that life isn't so bad afterall. hope you can feel the same too dear :P keep in touch <3


  4. It's always easier to look at negatives than positives. It really a problem that I have and bf was the first one that pointed it out to me. I always thought I was quite optimistic! There will always be people around you with "better" lives, it's more worth your time though to appreciate yours and have fun with yours than envy theirs.