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Friday, February 7, 2014

A very late DECEMBER update!!!

Hi Everyone!

I'M ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!

I know, i'm the absolute worst blogger EVER! I was used to able to blog every week but somehow something always get in the way. Something called PROCRASTINATION! until i see my pictures are starting to pile up, and i start feeling the stress and then the guilt. But i'm SORRY everyone! To whoever still read this blog.

This is a very late update of December. That being the busiest month for me, being my birthday month and all, thus making it the most exciting month :)


I wish everyone Good fortune, Success, beauty, wealth and happiness!!!<3 p="">

During the Christmas holidays, i hosted a party in a party room. I love the holidays because it's the only time where i can get a bunch of friends together whom i have't seen for a long time. These times are very precious to me because i tend to feel very lonely most of the time. we did our traditional secret santa (plus steal) game, except no one stole this year because everyone enjoyed their gifts :)

Getting ready to pick a present

Emergency Christmas outfits :D

We also went to the Annual Christmas Market. It was cold as always, but very enjoyable.

On Christmas Day, The family and i all gathered around the Christmas tree to open presents.

My Birthday is forever a few days after Christmas, so my presents are usually always combined haha

Aww so sweet, i always wanted a tiny purse from LV

This has got to be my favourite! I always wanted a polaroid camera, and it's PINK!!! LOVEEEESSSSS!!! I'm still camera obsessed. I keep collecting but never use them enough.

LADY GAGA and KATY PERRY concert tickets!!!! SO EXCITED!

Infinity ring from Tiffany's

And the matching infinity necklace to go with it

Girlfriend got me these super cute studded flowers from Pandora

A very cute charm from a girlfriend. I love notebooks!

I also did a bunch of baking this holidays. I made tons of batches of cookies and succeeded in making egg tart for the first time (though they were a bit too sweet, but still edible)

Banana oatmeal and oatmeal raisin cookies

The preparation was so messy

It smelled good!

I also celebrated my birthday with some friends. I find that as i get older, all i want really is to be close to family and friends. Just dinner and conversing makes my day. I haven't "parties" since i was a teenie.

My friend baked me a cake!! OMG it's gorgeous! i didn't even want to cut into it! She is so talented!

I love how she made it Tiffany blue!

ALL Engineers and Doctors except me! *sobs*

On my actual Birthday, my boyfriend took me to the Windsor Hotel for High Tea. I always wanted to high tea (i've only been a few times in my life), especially this particular one because it has high reviews and you have to book at least half a year in advance just to get a spot for the holiday season.

In the evening, i had a birthday dinner with some friends

With the girls

With the boys

Friends visiting from Hong Kong :)

And finally putting my Polaroid to good use!


  1. sandy!!! happy belated birthday hon!!!

    omgosh you look sooo pretty especially at tea :) i love your outfit so cute!!!

    omgosh so lucky you got a seriously amazing christmas/birthday haul!!!

    your tea time looked so lovely i love the robins egg blue macaron.. and i've been obsessed w/ getting a poloroid camera and you're so lucky you got all those cute frames like rilakumma?!?!?! #DYING!!

    your new LV purse is so pretty i love it. and your egg tarts look SOOOO SO GOOD! omgosh i've been wanting to eat them so badly.. sadly i cannot get them here in germany.. maybe i'll have to make them too but it looks so hard lol!!

    so lucky you get to see katy perry in concert i want to see her perform so badly!!! anyways i hope you've been well hon :)!

  2. Your outfit plastick is so cute >.<


  3. Yay! Another post. Looked like your holidays were a good one. All your gifts were just so wonderful!!

  4. wow - so many pretty things! Love the Juicy Couture charm.

  5. Goodness! You've been MUCH more busy than I have been! Happy belated birthday! Your Christmas gifts are out of this world! And I've always wanted to go to the Windsor Arms Hotel High Tea. I got a Groupon for my sister's boyfriend and her for Christmas so I think I'll wait until they have a deal again to go. Glad to see you blogging =)

  6. Welcome back to blogging doll! Hope you had a great break and holiday :)

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  7. Haha welcome back to the blogger world :P and happy belated
    Christmas, New Year and of course Chinese New Year! You
    sure have received lovely gifts ^__^ The high tea looks DELICIOUS!
    Nice cute cups as they serve :P Xx

  8. It still amazes me every time when I find out more and more how much I can relate to you haha. Thanks for the words Sandy, you're so right, it's a never ending cycle but I hope one day to stop it in its tracks! I've been intrigued by those Tory Burch flats too but I'm hesitant because I've heard some people say they're uncomfortable... but they look so nice! The next Tory Burch thing I want to get is the perfume. It smells sooo good!