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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Royal Caribbean- Oasis of the seas cruise (picture heavy)

This is an over due post, but back in October, i treated my parents to a cruise, since they've always wanted to go on the largest ship in the world. And i have to say, the ship is really megasized. My eyes bulged out of my sockets just starring at it. I didn't take a lot of pictures on this ship, at least not a lot of good ones, let's just say being on a ship that's basically just eating and lazing around can make you kinda…well… lazy.

They had a good time though, that i'm happy about. I did too, but i didn't get to do a lot of activities i wanted to because i'd be doing it alone, and i didn't want that. Next time when i go with friends, i think that will be a lot more exciting.

We went on the West side this time. The 3 ports were Labadee- Haiti, Falmouth- Jamaica, and Cozumel mexico. We took off from Ft. Lauderdale Florida.

One of the many pools on the ship

This is the Solarium where only adults can enter. Yay for no screaming kiddies. theres also a jacuzzi and a buffet

I make sure to at least walk three rounds on this walk/running track that goes around the entire ship. Ate too much. Urgh.

The Royal Promenade 

The rising tide bar


I go on the marry go round every day haha. There are always more adults than kids on it

one of the 2 rock climbing walls

The first welcome parade they had on ship

my room with a ocean view balcony <3 td="">

On ship mini golf under the hot hot sun

Zip lining!

watching people learn how to surf

The outdoors water show

Hairspray was a really good show

Performance on the ice rink

Another musical. Darn i forgot the name!

Watched turbo in 3D :)

Sometimes when i can't sleep, i'll come out for a midnight stroll around the ship

Another parade featuring dreamworks. Remember How to train a dragon?

We can also learn how to mob dance.

A HUGE mob really formed

Sometimes i'm tired so i stay in my room to watch some superman

Sometimes i catch really nice sunsets

When we stopped at a port, i happened to catch a carnival ship with my sunset pic

Cake making contest with the three captains. this was HILARIOUS


Sometimes i learn how to make baloons 

On the last day, they had a huge party at night at the Royal Promenade

Even Kung fu Panda came out to play

Felt like an all age night club!


  1. omgosh your cruise looks amaze your room was so pretty :) how fun!!! i've been a couple of cruises but yours looks like it was super entertaining and lots to do on the ships.. i'm envious you got to see hairspray!!! so lucky.. i think it's neat that you had kung fu panda on your ship lol!!! but i know what you mean. i always OVER eat on cruises ugh. my husband and i made a pack to walk up and down the stairs on the ship we weren't allowed to take the elevator EVER. it was hard too because sometimes we'd be at the port city like ALL day and touring super long hours and go back to the ship and all you want to do is get in the elevator and take it to your room but the hubs would remind me that I was the one that "insisted" we walk up the stairs always it made me want to stab him. and myself for making that rule HAHAHA.

  2. That ship looks HUGE. While inside I would probably forget I was on a cruise. This is crazy. I really want to go on one some day. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  3. WOW. You're kidding me right? That doesn't look like a ship, it looks like it's own island... I can't believe it's THAT BIG. Dangggg it's bigger than I ever imagined! I need to share your post with the Mister haha. I think he'd be amazed too. I've always wanted to go on a cruise... one day! One day!