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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oasis of the Seas (Part 3)- Jamaica and Mexico

In continuation of my last post, the second port we stopped at on this cruise was Falmouth, Jamaica. Beautiful place, but too bad i didn't take many pictures. We didn't going any excursions on this port because i was with my parents and they didn't want to do anything and i didn't want to do anything by myself. It was also realllllyyyyyy hot, so lugging a huge camera around just drains me of my energy.

This port was mostly shopping. The first thing you do when you get off the ship is SHOP! Everyone rushes into International Diamonds and goes gaga over everything. I mean i would too if i had hit jackpot on the ship's casino, but i didn't so i can only look at all the pretty sparkly things :)

Taking a picture of the port from the buffet. Decided to eat lunch first before i head out to a full day of walking under the sun.

When the ship is parked there like that, doesn't it look like the island grew a condo out of nowhere?

People were dancing to the music
The last port we stopped at was Cozumel, Mexico. I've been here before on my last cruise, but luckily it was the opposite side, so it was still a new experience for me. We actually went on an excursion here. I bought the package for a The Mayan Ruins and Island Overview. You know those people who predicted the end of the world? There was a lot of history there, but sadly we didn't have a lot of time, so we didn't get to see much on this excursion. Too much talking to tell the truth, and i seriously don't mind the history lesson, but when mosquitos the size of my palm are flying around everyone trying grab a free lunch, that's when i get cranky. And nobody likes a cranky Sandy.

On the brochure there was this infamous castle like ruin right beside the sea, and i was pumped up to finally see it (that was the main reason why i chose this excursion), but then we didn't even have time to see it. the tour guide said it's a 2 hour hike from the entrance, and we only had an hour total for this place! How frustrating! False advertising!

Jack Sparrow there was charging people money to take pictures with him
A tomb for women

After we left the Mayan Ruins, the tour guide took us on an Island overview. We went to this beach…well i wouldn't call it a beach because the waves were much too big and too dangerous, but it was beautiful!!! I stood a bit too close to the waters although i thought i was far enough, but in a blink of an eye the waters came rushing towards me and i managed to run in time except i got my shoes completely soaked! The waves were realllllly strong. There were also lizards everywhere but i couldn't get close enough to one to take a picture.

A little beer/snack hut

Walking back to the ship, there happen to be a smaller Carnival cruise also in Mexico. Look at the size difference! It's like Shark and fish


  1. Beautiful place! Would really love to visit there soon :)

  2. bahahah your commentary cracks me up!!! "cranky sandy" omgosh i'm like that in taiwan.. and the mosquitos are so bad.. i'm NOT a happy lisa HAHA.

    i would love to visit the mayan ruins seems so neat.. and your pictures are gorgeous!!

  3. yes Jamaica is famous for their port shopping. Most of the Indian population owns those and runs those. They are over priced and a tourist trap. I have been there twice.
    Nice blog. Let me know whether you like to follow each other on bloglovin and GFC.

  4. I absolutely loved the one time I went on a cruise. You really make me want to go again!

    7% Solution

  5. I used to spend every spring break of mine at Cozumel! My family and I would rent a house there and spend the week going to all our favorite places. I've only been back once since the hurricane unfortunately. You're so lucky that you got to go back.

  6. I would love to visit those ruins and castle-like thing too. If I were you, I would be quite pissed off too with the short time at the Mayan ruins coz I'm always intrigued by Ancient civilizations and the too much modern talking wouldn't quite gel well with me. Ah yes, and the misleading advertising. If I chose that cruise coz of the castle-like ruin, I would want to get a chance to visit that too. Mosquito the size of palm would result in a cranky Sandy and an emo Jo.

  7. Looks like a pretty cool place!! Now I want to go on a cruise.