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Friday, March 7, 2014

Oasis of the seas (Part 4)- The food

Alright this is the last part of the Oasis of the sea series. I didn't take pictures of all the foods because

a. lighting was too dark
b. didn't have my camera with me
c. too busy eating it to actually remember to take a picture

i hope this won't make anyone too hungry


  1. It is really fortunate that I just had my supper before seeing all these food pics. Yeah it is 6am here but I had my supper at 4am just now coz of an evening nap. Hehehe... Is that a generous slab of foei gras I spotted or a slab of succulent meat?

    Hey Sandy. I never knew you have been reading my blog! I do see you around on some of my frequent blog readers/ blog friends blogs but coz you seldom comment here, I didn't know you have been reading! Hahaha... I also didn't realise you followed me from back then. >-< So nice to be acquainted with you on Instagram now too!

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  2. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM you look like you ate GOOD on the cruise.. the food looks so good.. and just when i re-started my diet today.. FML LOL!!! that white souflee looks soo delicious!

  3. Hi Sandy! Its great to see you back in the blogging world! Ironically I've been having blogging blues lately haha I haven't stopped entirely but I post much more sporadically now. Your cruise looks amazing! I looked through your previous posts and the beach looks gorgeous! Also that dish with the chips, what was it? Was it good? I'm asking specifically for that one because it reminds me of spinach dip which I love!

    I hope you get to experience lunar year in Asia, it must be super fun and crazy!

  4. Look at all that food. That will probably be one of my top favorite things if I go.

  5. I was totally okay with the main meals.. but the desserts really got me.

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  6. Everything looks so yummy, good gracious. It's 2:30am and I'm reading your post and all I see is food... not good hahaha.

  7. Damn all of that just looks so damn delicious. I love food posts.

  8. Would love to travel to Mexico and Jamaica some day!! never been to S. America!

  9. OMG, this is like food porn overload. they all look so delicious. Also thank you for dropping by my blog a few weeks back, you are very sweet. If you are still planning to go volunteer, i'd say just do it, If opportunity knocks on your door, and you don't answer it, one day you might look back and regret your decision. However, do talk to your doctor to see if you need any booster immunization shots, because in third world countries, there are certain health risks. But do let me know wt you decide to do. hugs and kisses

  10. Hi Sandy! So the nacho dip was spinach and cheese! No wonder it looked so appealing to me, shame it wasn't too good though. The spinach and cheese dip at Joey's and The Cheesecake Factory is so good, give it a try sometime!

    I hope you've been enjoying the beginning of spring! The weather is really nice here lately, I can't wait to start wearing dresses!

  11. All of the food looks so good, especially those lamb chops! Have to admit this post has got me craving ice cream now, though.